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The mentalist is one of the best police shows on tv, in my opinion, right now. Drama, comedy, suspense, this show has everything. But what I love the most is Patrick Jane. Who doesn’t love a guy with sense of humor, a dark past, a mortal enemy, and awesome very human superpowers, I mean what else you want. What has more fans the awesomeness of Patrick or the mysteriousness of Red John?

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One of the best superhero cartoon I’ve ever saw the Spectacular Spiderman. This Spiderman is made by fans for fans, also the series is based on the original series and comics. But the thing I liked the most was the fresh sense of humor. I miss this show.

PS. I don’t like the Ultimate Spiderman.

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I love when cartoons mix different cultures from around the world. Xiaolin Showdown had an american, a japanese, a brazilian and Omi (i think he is chinese, in not sure). Magic and martial art mixed up in an awesome show with funny characters. What I loved about this cartoon were the different personalities of the villains, jack who was genius and stupid at the same time, wuya, chase (who was scary and hot), etc… 

I can’t wait to see Xiaolin Chronicles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can’t believe this show is as funny as the beginning. I can’t stop laughing at every stupidity Spencer does. If I were Gus i would already quit or at least give spencer a good fist rain. Any way season 7 here I come.

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I miss my childhood. Kim Possible gave me an unrealistic expectation for stunts, no human can’t give 50 kicks and spend 30 seconds in the air at the same time. It made me love naked mole rats, but when i looked for them in real life oh dear god my eyes. I don’t understand how disney make villains so dumb but at the same time so evil.

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I actually feel a little uncomfortable talking about Dr. Who since i’ve only watch a few episodes. Taking in reference the small amount of episodes I’ve seen, and looking at the amazing fandom he have, I can say I’m in love with Dr. Who. The first episode of Dr. Who that I saw was the last episode of David Tennant as a Doctor. I hate my luck. 

Guys do you know from where I should start watch Dr. Who???

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One of the series I love is Sherlock. I actually like the way he doesn’t like people and how people hate him, but the viewers love his attitude. There’s something that is driving me crazy since the last time i saw Sherlock, and it’s HOW THE HELL DID HE SURVIVED!!!! Hate you MOFFAT, hate you BBC. Right now I’m filling that empty space with elementary. What gives me hopes right now is that they are filming season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go to the cinema every week, and in all the commercials there is star trek (FAN GIRLING), people around me give me weird looks.

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The Adventures of Merlin is another show that I discover when the final episode of the series came out. I love the characters and the plot of the story. Merlin is so innocent, Morgana is a bitch (hate her), Arthur is a selfish super handsome guy, and young Mordred is adorable. Also the special effects of the series left me without words it’s pretty awesome. 

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Finding a good tv show nowadays… Challenge Accepted.  Story is cute, but the characters are Legen… wait for it… DARY. Its one of the best series of now and I think at some point can beat FRIENDS in popularity.  I’ve learned a lot of things about Canada form this show. I hate when gays are hot, I know there is no way I can hate the girl with them.

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Jake Long: American Dragon. God, I miss this show, it was one of the coolest cartoons I’ve have ever seen. Can some one explain me what happened to the design of the characters in the second season please??!!! I liked the idea that he was in love with a girl that had the mission to kill him, is that bad? 


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My childhood was awesome, there was a time I wanted to be half-ghost. Those days were awesome. There was a time I had a crush with Danny. The villains in the series were brilliant and funny at the same time. I felt identified with Sam because I’ve always being different from all girls :).

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Arrow filled the empty space that Smallville left when it ended. I like that this series is close to the comic, or at least in their characters. I expect season 2 be as great as this one.

PS. Stephen Amell is hot

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What happens when people joins with technology to save people? You create person of interest. For me it’s one of the best dramas on tv, it make me think that one person can see with all of the cameras available everything. This is going to sound creepy but this series make me laugh a lot during the fights and shootings, mainly when the life of the bad guy is in danger. What I love of this show is that you can see the human history of this characters not only the super hacker or the super ninja in a suit. 

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